STATE OF HAWAII Cigar Tax Cap Petition Drive

The cigar tax cap petition is underway, and there are over 100 Hawaii businesses supporting a tax cap on traditional, premium cigars including ABC Stores, Martin & MacArthur, Foodland's R. Field Wine, Fujioka's Wine Times, and scores of mom and pop cigar retailers. Even those who don't enjoy fine cigars support a tax cap, and recognize the unfair treatment under the State's current 50% tax rate! It is not fair that cigars of poor quality, and lower cost of production are sold at lower costs, and are subjected to lower taxes, while higher priced cigars are penalized for simply being an artisan product, as a result of costing more to produce. Both the State of Hawaii and local retailers are losing revenue because many Hawaii consumers can mail order cigars from States with zero cigar tax. Furthermore, no premium cigar costing an average of $10 is ever marketed, or consumed by underage persons. Please read our full statement, and sign our petition now.


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